Importance of Driver Updates

Drivers frequently become out of date.
Manufacturers are constantly developing hardware and drivers so that you can take full advantage of the capabilities of your laptop or system unit. You will become outdated if you do not update the drivers. The manufacturer offers you a 5% increase in speed; you don’t respond, implying that you decline. They offer another 5% improvement the next month, which you decline. As a result, statistics show that your computer slows down between 5-10% every six months. Simply because you were unaware that the drivers needed to be updated.

Outdated drivers = hacker vulnerability
Antivirus software cannot provide complete security, and the most critical vulnerabilities are buried in old drivers. If they are hacked, the hardware maker releases an update – a new driver — as soon as possible. And you ignore this update, leaving you vulnerable. Vulnerabilities allow extortion viruses, crypto miners, and other trash to arise,
which can not only actively harm your machine, but also simply slow it down.

Drivers may be damaged or entirely missing.
What happens if the computer lacks management instructions… What about a graphics card, for example? Of sure, the PC will figure it out, but it will only use 10% of the hardware’s capabilities and almost everyone has dealt with a faulty driver. Have you ever been in a position where you plug in a mouse, and it doesn’t work? In 90% of situations, this is due to driver error. 
If you haven’t.

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